Outrigger Beam

The Delta Beam Outrigger System can support loads between 1500 and 2000lb. The system is easy to assemble and very durable. Assembly requires users to insert each end of the telescopic beams into the ends of middle square beam. The beam has holes drilled sequentially that support 5/8” bolts. The ends should overlap by two holes to ensure safety and durability, making sure bolts are tightened properly using nuts.

Outer Jib Rear Height Adjuster 6’ Fist Grips
Intermediate Jib Reinforcement Brace Medium Bolt 5/8” x 5”
Anchoring Stirrup/Reversing Stirrup 5/16” Thimbles Large Bolt 5/8” x 6”
Hangers 5/16” Reinforcement Wire 8” Caster Wheels
Front Height Adjuster 6’ 5/8” Turnbuckle 50 lb. Counterweights
Triangular Roof Outrigger Instructions Manual

Triangular Roof Outrigger Instructions Manual

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