HS2000 Bi-Directional Swing Hoist

2000lb | 3-PH

The HS2000 is a 2,000lb capacity Bi-Directional swing boom hoist. The hoist can be assembled so the boom swings either to the left or the right. It is available with a choice of Honda or Briggs & Stratton engines or a 7.5hp electric motor power supply.


  • The HS2000 Bi-Directional hoist can be set up to swing to the left or to the right.
  • High-strength steel tubing is used to build these strong reliable, hoists.
  • An exceptional boom design ensures greater strength.
  • The cable keeper provides added lifting stability.
  • The hydraulic power up and power down feature puts the operator in complete control.
  • Separate winch and power units make the hoist extremely easy to handle.
  • A split leg frame design makes transporting the hoist easy.
  • Self-locking pins permit quick and easy frame assembly.
  • The winch is also mounted to the hoist frame with pins.
  • The swing boom unloads materials well back of the roof edge for greater operator safety.
  • Nesting ballast weight shells are included for additional safety.
  • The self-locking hydraulic boom makes loading and unloading materials safe and fast.
  • An optional handwinch quickly mounts to the hoist frame to raise the HydraPak up 10+ stories.
  • An optional HydraWinch HD is available with 730 ft. of wire rope for the HS2000.
  • An optional Upper Limit Switch for anti-two blocking is also available for the HS2000.
Capacity: 2000lbs
Standard Winch: HW2000S
Cable (Supplied): 200 / 300 ft
Hoist Speed (Standard Winch):  160 / 80fpm
Hoist Speed (Heavy Duty Winch):  200 / 100 fpm
Counterweight: 2000lbs
Ballast Included: 40 pcs.
Frame Weight:  691 lbs
Overall Height (to Top of Boom):  153”
Boom Overhang:  60”

Specifications RGC Flyer Swing Hoist

Instructions Manual

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