Gemini Plus

Single Line: 600lb | 110V | 220ft • Dual Line: 1200lb | 110V | 110ft

The Gemini Plus wire rope hoist is the largest 110V powered hoist in the Beta Max line. Perfect for medium duty projects, the hoist can be double roped to lift up to 1,200 lbs or single roped to reach heights of 220 ft. Use as a Scaffold, Masonry, Stucco, General Construction, Restoration or Roofing Hoist.


  • Hoist of choice for Medium Duty projects of varied weights and heights.
  • Long lasting performance with minimum maintenance required
  • Optional Scaff-Trac Mounting System provides a standardized and complete lifting solution engineered for easy installation every time
  • Flexible I-Beam Mounting Option works with and configures to each to each unique jobsite
Available Models
Single Line Dual Line
Lift Capacity: 600lbs 1,200lbs
Lift Speed: 80fpm 40fpm
Lift Height: 220’ 110’
A/C Power: 110V, Single Phase, 12 amp 110V, Single Phase, 12 amp
Horsepower: 1.5HP 1.5HP
Mounting Options: Scaff-Trac, Trestle Monorail, I-Beam and Fixed I-Beam Scaff-Trac, Trestle Monorail, I-Beam and Fixed I-Beam
Controller Type: External Pendant External Pendant
Dual Control: Optional Optional
Wireless Control: Optional Optional
Unit Weight: 150lbs 150lbs

Specifications Sheet

Portable Hoist Manual

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